FAult Detector and OScilloscope 7 Functions in 1 Device


Fault Finding Technique at Electronic Cards
Usage of FADOS7F1: Determining faults of all types of electronic cards such as electronic cards of medical devices, textile and any other machines; automobile electronics; computer, monitor, TV, etc.

Electronic Components Test: IC, transistor, FET, IGBT, resistor, capacitor, indicator, ect. This device is used to determine the faults at all these electronic components.

Usage: FADOS7F1 is a double-channel VI tester. While using TEST feature, comparison can be applied without giving energy to card; while using OSCILLOSCOPE feature, energy is given to card and signals are controlled.

Usage1: One of the channels is connected to the chassis of the solid card, other channel is connected to the chassis of faulty card. Same points are touched by both channels. Cards are compared by touching probes to the same points of both cards. If both VI graphics are the same, touched points are solid. If not, VI graphs do not collide one another, and this means the faulty point is found.

Usage2: Different points of solid card can be recorded to memory. These recorded data is, then, opened and used in order to determine the faults on faulty card.

Usage3: Without solid card or recorded data, faulty components can be found by looking at the VI Graph. All components have different graphs; having some experience, user will find the faults just by looking at graphs without comparison.

FADOS7F1 Features

1) Dual - Channel Fault Detection by V / T tester (Analog Signature Analyzer - Trouble Shooting)
Fault detection by direct comparison of the current-voltage characteristics (signatures) of a working and a faulty circuit board without applying power to the unit under test
2) Fault Detection by Comparison with Stored Signatures (Memory)
Signatures of a functioning board can be saved and used at a later time as a reference for troubleshooting a faulty board. The point to touch can be indicated by a cross hair mark at an image of the board
3) Equivalent Circuit Diagram***
Display of an equivalent circuit that corresponds to the characteristic on the touched point
4) Display Values of Resistor, Capacitor and Diode Threshold***
Display the calculated values of resistance, capacitors and diode threshold voltages corresponding to the conditions at the contacted node
5) Dual - Channel Digital PC Oscilloscope
As occasion may require, device can be used as oscilloscope
6) 0.2... 25KHz Square Wave Signal Output
Channel 2 is used as a square wave generator. Channel 1 can be used as an oscilloscope
7) Analogue Voltage Output (2,5 mV Sensitivity)
Channel 2 is used as Analog DC output -10 V +10 V. Channel 1 can be used as an oscilloscope
*** These features are unique